The Race Between Segwit and Bitcoin Cash Is Heating Up

The introduction of Segwit and the launch of bitcoin cash (BCH) were two attempts at solving the bitcoin’s scaling problem. Both movements took a different approach, with Segwit seeking to reduce transaction size and BCH seeking to increase the block size. A new report compares the transaction volume on each chain, BTC (Segwit) and BCH, […]

Couldn’t Make it to Tokyo? Check Out the Satoshi’s Vision Live Stream

On March 23-25 the bitcoin cash-centric event Satoshi’s Vision Conference is taking place in Tokyo, Japan. However, not everyone could make it to the conference so is live streaming the event presentations. Also Read: Study: 70% of Crypto Exchanges Allow Weak Passwords Satoshi’s Vision Conference Streaming Live at This week the Bitcoin Unlimited development […]

Bitcoin Adoption Grows in Ugandan Capital City of Kampala

Abc News has published a report detailing the rising popularity of bitcoin among the citizenry of the Ugandan capital city of Kampala. The report describes many Ugandan bitcoin adopters as professionals seeking a supplementary income, in addition to jobless millennials seeking a means to escape a life of minimal economic opportunity. Also Read: Study: 70% of Crypto […]

Meet Safewords – Distributed Backup for Cryptocurrency Keys

On the first day of the three-day event Satoshi’s Vision Conference in Tokyo the creator of a project called Safewords presented a new solution to safeguard cryptocurrency ”passwords”. Safewords is a 2-out-of-3 distributed backup kit for your mnemonic seed words.  Also read: Zhao Dong Recounts How He Lost 9,000 BTC Safewords – a 2/3 Distributed Backup […]

Malta Prime Minister Welcomes Binance to Its “Blockchain Island”

The world’s largest cryptocurrency has found a new home on one of the world’s smallest island states. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat warmly welcomed the cryptocurrency platform and spoke of his desire for Malta to become “global trailblazers in the regulation of blockchain-based businesses and the jurisdiction of quality and choice for world class fintech companies”. […]

Meetup of Cyberfund March 27 in St. Petersburg: Not as smart contracts

On Tuesday 27 March will be another blockchain meetup from Сyber•Fund in Saint-Petersburg, Kazanskaya, 7. In the event you can hear about the blockchain from experts and leading specialists in this field, discuss pressing issues, and just a good time. Speaker: Alexander Chepurnoy, co-founder, Ergo Platform Subject: Not-so-smart contracts: dilemma dilemma About the report: Bitcoin […]