With Lightning Network, you can purchase any product

Swedish service Bitrefill providing services to replenish mobile phone accounts with cryptocurrency, has announced the start of sales of certificates for Amazon and some other brands. Thus the company plans to provide the opportunity of payment for goods of the companies-partners through a Network Protocol Lightning.

Bitrefill is among the first cryptocurrency companies have integrated Lightning Network in the past year. And in January of this year, developer Alex Bosworth made the first transaction Lightning in the core network of the Bitcoin, thereby swelling the balance of your phone. With Lightning startup hopes to solve the problem of delayed payments and high transaction fees.

Among the first companies that will use the gift certificates Bitrefill, logged in to Amazon US, Uber Hotels.com Google Play and a number of other projects. Payment certificates can be made in bitcoins, Lytkina, ether, Dogecoin and Dash.

For the first time the idea of issuing gift certificates for well-known brands appeared in Bitrefill in January, after the gaming platform Steam, which is also working the company stopped accepting payment in bitcoins.

Client Lightning, currently operating in networks of Bitcoin and Litecoin, in theory, may allow users to send transactions almost instantly and with almost no fees. On the other hand, the probability of making payments worth more than five cents is still quite low.

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