With a blockchain platform KICKICO was stolen tokens in the amount of $7.7 million

On 26 July, the blockchain-a platform for creating and conducting ICO, crowd-funding and crowd-investing KICKICO hacked, resulting in stolen 70 million tokens KICK a total value of 7.7 million dollars.

The founder and head of project Anti Danilevsky (Anti Danilevski) reported this in his blog on the portal Medium.

According to Danilevsky, the hackers managed to take possession of the private key from the smart contract KickCoin one of the users. Having him direct access, the attackers killed 70 million tokens on 40 different addresses, and have reproduced them on other 40 addresses, essentially stealing money users. As the movement of funds occurred by the destruction of tokens and then play at other addresses, the issue volume of KICKICO remained the same.

The team drew attention to the problem only after several victims have discovered that their wallets were missing tokens to the total sum of $ 800,000. Several hours later, the team KICKICO replaced the compromised private key to the key from a cold wallet and was able to restore access to the smart contract and protect the network.

As assured by representatives of KICKICO, at this point, the control network is fully restored and funds of customers are safe.

Moreover, Danilevsky said that the owners of the destroyed wallets will get their money back in full.

Blockchain platform KICKICO completed its initial placement of the coins in September last year. The team was able to collect about 80 000 ETH (about 23.6 million U.S. dollars) and in the same month a token KICK out on the stock trade.

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