Who helps cryptomerioides to spend their wealth in the real world

Eliza Dadiani – the new face of cryptocurrency in the world. She clearly does not meet the stereotypical idea of the owner of cryptocurrency: marginal hooded jacket, technological maniac who buy amphetamines in the dark web, or newly formed cryptomelane posing in Instagram on the background of luxurious Lamborghini with secret gloating expression on his face. But it is not like them Eliza does not fit in the category of fiery preachers cryptocurrency.

According to her, «these libertarians» have no idea about money, not about history. They know nothing about politics or international relations. To change the world, says Dadiani, you first need to understand it.

Dadiani believe in cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it has created a whole business based on them. She belongs to the gallery of fine arts, which perhaps the first in the world to accept different cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, XRP, DASH and NEM). However, art is only a small part of what she created last year major cryptocurrency brokerage office, the first of its kind in the UK. Office gives customers the opportunity of exchanging digital wealth for real world assets: rare cars, pedigreed animals, precious stones, ingots of precious metals, private jets and yachts.

For example, recently one Chinese customer bought from the company Dadiani Syndicate four cars of Formula 1 for litecoin in the amount of £4 million (41.9 million Hong Kong dollars).

Mostly «libertarians», which says Dadiani is white men, enthusiastically telling about how the decentralized cryptocurrency will lead to the establishment of a new world order. For example, the pioneers of crypto-currencies, Roger Ver and Olivier Jansen are trying to create their own decentralized and free from the Central government a utopian country. Unlike the dreamers, Dadiani knows their money, the history and nature of international relations. She is fully aware of the now deceased Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Venezuelan bitcoin Petro, the outflow of capital from China and the Russian trade.

According to Dadian, it is not against any phenomena and understand the relevance of both systems – centralized and decentralized. Eliza believes that since gold and silver were simply not given universal currency.

While people are accustomed to the fact that their ability to make decisions is limited, and there is an elite group dictating to everyone what they can and can’t do. According to Dadian, cryptocurrency requires a change of perception. People need to understand why you need a wider spread of cryptocurrencies and their integration into the current lifestyle with the aim of gradually transforming society. A decentralized economy will be engaged in cross-border trade with ease unthinkable in the past.

It is this task carried out Dadiani: integrated cryptocurrency in real life – however, while this integration affected only the billionaires who own the bitcoin.

Dadiani says that a couple of years ago, after seeing the success of bitcoin, it is understood that these coins cannot be used. At first glance, the owner of the bitcoins rich, but how to spend the wealth? You can invest in ICO, but it’s hard to buy something tangible. So Dadiani created a framework of confidence within which people can exchange digital wealth for cash.

Thanks to gallery, and contacts with the owners of private jets and the like Dadiani has developed trusting relationships with a wide range of people. On the basis of this trust Dadiani and created the syndicate – platform clients and intermediaries.

Among the clients of Dadiani – people aged 20 to 70 years. According to her, they see the opportunities offered by cryptocurrencies and use them. For them digital money is just a game. It’s fun, but not a necessity. They are not independent of human life. Some customers claim that they did not use banks, but in this case they must lay eggs in many baskets.

Recently Dadiani tried to give the trade in works of art more democratic: it has signed an agreement with the platform of the blockchain Maecenas Fine Art («decentralized art gallery»), allowing investors to buy equity property rights to works of art of world level. In other words, any owner of a cryptocurrency could potentially to own an equity rights to the world’s greatest works of art. In June 49% of the equity ownership of the Andy Warhol’s painting of «Reverse sequence 14 little electric chair», estimated at more than $5 million, was offered for sale in the form of digital certificates. They can be purchased with bitcoin, Ethereum and cryptocurrency platform, token ART.

The credibility of the digital currency, despite its riskiness and unpredictability, exhibits and America’s first cryptocurrency broker Elizabeth white, head of The White Company.

According to her, significant price fluctuations mean that the sellers can in a matter of minutes to lose sales, if the movement of the cryptocurrency market will be negative. Although some traders claim that accept bitcoin, as a rule, they are turning to companies like white’s, and with their help, convert a digital currency into Fiat that paying for goods with sellers.

It is best to sell expensive cars and an unusual service: for example, one of the customers of The White Company had to pay with a cryptocurrency for the engagement ring and honeymoon and a Chinese customer this year bought for bitcoins 237 Ferrari special series. Another client, a sixteen year old boy, bought his first car — a brand new Nissan GTR on the funds received from mining.

The number of clients of Wight is growing in Asia, especially in mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and South Korea. In these countries, many invested in bitcoin before the start of the market boom, and are looking for ways to spend their cryptocurrency wealth.

Some buy for cryptocurrency art and wine, while others seek to convert assets directly in Fiat. Most likely, in the near future, cryptocurrency will begin to take many expensive brands.

However, in addition to the volatility of cryptocurrency is not free from other serious flaw, because of their anonymity, they are doomed to be medium of exchange on the black market.

John Patrick Mullin, CEO of the Hong Kong trade office.io deals with developments in the field of digital asset and the blockchain as well as the implementation of business projects based on these technologies. According to him, the situation when the criminals use crypto currencies will change, because most people in the cryptocurrency sector are making every effort to drive out the intruders and to obey the requirements of the Supervisory authorities.

Regulation of decentralized platforms is a difficult task, but, according to Mullin, right, the file sharing service Napster was able to do it.

He believes that cryptocurrencies will soon go the same way. More traditional corporations seeking to enter this market, which continues to grow and develop. Mullin says that in five years cryptocurrencies will receive as wide spread as the Internet.

Thus, although Eliza Dadiani may be a new face in the world of cryptocurrencies, perhaps it will be exactly as long as on change to it came men in stern suits.

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