Volkswagen patent system to optimize road traffic in the blockchain

German automotive concern Volkswagen applied to patent the blockchain system, which will allow drivers and their vehicles to «communicate» with each other on the roads.

The application States that the system can potentially be used for approval of vehicles, both in manual and in automatic mode, such actions as changing lanes, overtaking, etc. Presumably, this approach could help to reduce accidents and improve traffic on the roads in General.

In addition, drivers will be able to exchange messages and to enter into/renew contracts, which could reduce the risk of accidents and improve transport on the roads.

Described in the patent system based on the blockchain, that is, all actions will be recorded in a distributed registry without the possibility of editing data. If the contract needs editing environment, it is necessary to sign a new contract, which will contain explanations and supplements.

«Each message will contain a «hash index» which indicates where the relevant information is in the blockchain. After messaging the pointer hash to the last message shall be signed by each participant and published in the blockchain. If the final contract needs to be modified, added another message and the process continues,» reads the patent application.

Volkswagen is not the first company which paid attention to the potential of the blockchain and filed a patent application for a system that can prevent accidents and regulate traffic. Previously, Ford Motors has filed
a similar application for similar technology with the use of cryptocurrency.

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