Unknown «kings of the bitcoins» from South Africa has caused ridicule of the community

While bitcoin is an international phenomenon and spread around the world, supporters and the holders of cryptocurrencies form a relatively small community.

This is why the recent publication of Fast Company South Africa has caused an international outcry. In the end, not every day on the cover of the magazine there are unknown persons, whom the publication calls «King of bitcoin». However, it is so cryptologist learned about JT Fox (JT Foxx) and Lale Mao (Mao Lal).

In last Wednesday’s edition of Fast Company South Africa has published in his Twitter the cover
June issue a photo of two «crypto experts» that have become the heroes of the story called «Kings of bitcoin». The article and cover is widely spread in the accounts of the crypto topics on Twitter for the most part was accompanied by sarcastic comments.

For example, the project Manager Monero Ricardo’s Spanyi (Riccardo Spagni) perplexed
in his Twitter, who are these people. The part where he said a lot of users who asked the same question. And there were those who have procured the perfect sarcastic response.

However, many have decided that this is not a joking matter and seriously addressed
for publication with the question of who these people are and what contribution they made to the development community.

But jokes aside. In fact, two people appearing on the cover of the June issue of Fast Company South Africa – the real entrepreneurs investing in the cryptocurrency industry. JT Foxx and Mao Lal represent a company called CryptoGold.

According to the available materials, it is a company that deals with cloud mining, that is, allows individuals «to buy shares in mining hardware without having to deal with complex devices and software». The company consists of a «team of experts on mining with your hardware for cryptocurrency mining», which offers services in five mining cryptocurrency.

It is also reported that CryptoGold last month launched a gold-backed cryptocurrency, called CryptoGoldCoin. The publication attracted attention to the company and the community members immediately began to ask questions about the legality of its work.

First, on the cover of the magazine depicted a Fox and Lal, which keep the device for mining, mainly used to support the operation of the coin called Siacoin that is used on the platform cloud storage Sia. So immediately there are questions
the title «Kings of bitcoin».

In addition, Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin, has questioned the fact that Fast Company South Africa has a real attitude towards the American business publication Fast Company. It turned out that the American business magazine Fast Company not directly related to Fast Company South Africa. However, on the original website there is a section called «South Africa», which States that Fast Company South Africa is a completely different organization.

In addition, despite the proud comments of Fox, who liked the title of «cryptocarya», users began to inquire, what really is this «coach making money» knows about technology. It is also worth noting that in his tweet Fox said that doesn’t know anything about cryptocurrency 9 months ago.

However, not all reacted to the article with skepticism – there were those who were sincerely glad for owners, and called them an example – an inspiration, demonstrating how quickly you can earn by working.

It is difficult to say who in this story is right and who is not. Given how quickly cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity, I’m sure we will hear about the next «masters» and «kings» of bitcoin, made a fortune by speculation.

Such stories are another reminder that the media publications are not always talking about the integrity of the project and that it is not necessary to accept everything on faith. We must remember that such companies may conceal the fraudulent scheme. In any event, this publication – another reason to refresh their knowledge and to remember the main signs of cryptocurrency fraud.

As for the Fox and Lala, they believe that the black PR is also PR. Let’s hope they use their popularity for the good of the cryptocurrency industry.

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