Tour operator, Expedia, has stopped accepting bitcoin payments

One of the largest networks in the world, booking of hotels and flights Expedia on June 10 ceased to accept bitcoins without explanation. Clients Expedia and supporters of the cryptocurrency, which the company took in 2014, complain that they cannot book hotels or tickets with bitcoin.

Expedia was considered a company that provide exclusive services in hotel business and hotels precisely because accept cryptocurrency.

«Many in the technology industry receive part of their salaries in bitcoin. Very convenient to use Expedia to purchase tickets. Due to the fact that they have refused accepting payment in bitcoins, I will no longer use their services,» wrote one of the disgruntled customers on Reddit.

As one of the reasons for the refusal cryptocurrency is considered a low network bandwidth, which was recorded in January and became the cause of the loss of time and money for some customers.

Now the network is working fine because of the smaller number of transactions, but if the use increases, bitcoin may again become not the most convenient method of payment, as the technology of Lightning is still in the testing phase. Another reason is the decision of the partner company Coinbase to refuse to provide custody services for cryptocurrency payments.

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