Three Russian University introduced courses on cryptocurrency and the blockchain

The popularity of cryptocurrencies is increasingly influenced by the Russian academic community. Three major University announced in July on the set of students on the new curricula devoted to cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, starting in September of this year.

Some of the courses will be taught in English with participation of guest lecturers from Europe, India and the United States for foreign students and Russians seeking career opportunities in international cryptocurrency industry. Educational programs cover a variety of topics, including cryptography, the blockchain and distributed registries, alternative payment systems, digital Economics, accounting and management.

Voronezh state University

Voronezh state University (VSU) in the new academic year opens the new profile of the undergraduate course «Models and methods of analysis of digital economy», as the press service of the University. Training will be conducted at the Department of information technology and mathematical methods in Economics the Department of Economics. A statement from the University reads:

«The training program provides in-depth training in the use of modern information technologies of analysis and decision support, technologies of the digital economy, blockchain technologies and the universal nature of the knowledge obtained, as well as the wide range of their applications in different economic activities and different levels of management.»

The statement also notes the importance of developing new technologies and training of specialists in the light of the implementation of the «Digital economy», adopted by the Russian government. The course will start from September 18.

Don state technical University

Don state technical University (DSTU) in the fall also launched two new master’s programs devoted to the technology of the blockchain. As reported
the press service of the DSTU, future masters will be accepted in two areas: «Intelligent systems based on BlockChain technologies» and «Digital accounting and management». Students will be taught the knowledge necessary for the development of new information systems and creation of modern methods and structures of electronic payments. Vice-rector for educational work and training of highly qualified personnel DSTU Alex Beskopylny said in a statement:

«We offer undergraduates the support of the University to study in depth the technology of the distributed registry. The blockchain is a promising technology that is rapidly emerging in many areas of our lives. The demand for professionals in this field is growing every day.»

The master’s program was developed in collaboration with the University of Nicosia (Cyprus) with the support of Indian investment company the Glad Age. In addition to technologies for distributed registry and blockchain, students will also explore theoretical and practical aspects of creating a cryptocurrency as well as master the skills of building and training neural networks. New directions in graduate courses will be available only on a paid basis.

Novosibirsk state University

Another higher educational institution Novosibirsk state University (NSU), is also planning to implement similar courses in English. According to the report
on the University website, with the new academic year basis of Mechanic-mathematical faculty of NSU will launch Russia’s first English-language master’s courses on cryptography, «Master in Cryptography». The first set will be accepted 15 students, who will study the technology of encryption and block-within the two-year intensive modular training scheme.

For teaching programs invited teachers from Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, France, India and the United States and the Russian cryptocurrency professionals. Classes will be held in English to attract students from around the world. NSU also hopes to receive international certification and accreditation for their diplomas.

The new program was announced after that, as in the past year, the leading Russian universities announced the introduction of specialized courses on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Among them are Moscow state University, Higher school of Economics, national research technological University «MISIS», Moscow physical-technical Institute and Saint Petersburg state University of Economics. The implementation of these curricula is in response to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, as well as high demand for professionals in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain not only in Russia but also worldwide.

Recently, the school of Economics of the University of London announced
about the launch of online course on cryptocurrencies. In addition, last fall it was reported that at Yale, Wharton and the Haas appeared courses on the blockchain. Spring graduate school of business Stanford University announced that in mid-may will start a full course devoted to cryptocurrency. In the fall her plans to enter the Wharton school of business at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition, in February this year it was reported that the students of world’s universities are increasingly coming to courses on cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

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