The UK will become a leader in cryptoamnesia by 2022

According to the study of organizations, Big Innovation Centre, Deep Knowledge Analytics and DAG Global, by 2022 the UK could become the global centre for the development of technologies based on the blockchain.

According to analysts, the country has all necessary resources, as well as the favor of government.

One of the authors of the study, the Executive Director of the DAG Global Sean kirnan, believes that soon the UK will be felt noticeable advantage between the traditional financial system and cryptonomicon in favor of the latter.

«The UK is a major global financial center, and in recent years it has also become a leader in the FINTECH industry. Now the country is beginning to demonstrate significant potential to become a leader in blockchain technology and cryptoamnesia» he said.

The study authors report that for 2017-2018 in the British companies involved in bloccano, invested 500 million pounds. It is emphasized that the blockchain industry is still in its initial stage of development, and the United Kingdom has the potential to become a leader in this area.

«The blockchain has been recognized by the Parliament as a very important technology – he demonstrated a commitment to supporting the accelerated development of the digital economy through various government initiatives,» – said the head of the Big Innovation Centre, Birgitte Andersen.

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