The study CreditCoin: 75% of the owners of cryptocurrencies are willing to pay for their goods and services

According to a new study of consumer habits cryptocurrency users, 75% of the owners of cryptocurrencies are willing to spend their coins in shops, if they had the chance.

A study conducted by British company CreditCoin, showed that interest in the use of cryptocurrencies in «real life» does not depend on age. 84% of generation baby boomers (those born during the demographic explosion after world war II) would also take this opportunity.

A total of 80% of the owners of cryptocurrencies see it solely as an investment, or «not knowing» or «unaware» of the possibilities to use digital currency for real purchases. Press Secretary CreditCoin John McLeod (John McLeod) said in a press release:

«Though crypto-currencies are mainly considered as an investment tool, there is a real demand for their wider use and acceptance for payment intermediaries. In addition, there is the belief that, despite the fact that many state institutions criticize altcoins, this technology will not go away and will be with us for a long time.»

In recent months, the company studied user sentiment on the background of reducing the cost of major cryptocurrencies. Contrary to popular belief, the results of the surveys overwhelmingly indicate a strong belief in cryptocurrency as among private and corporate investors.

Last week it was reported that consumers in South Africa have expressed regret that they didn’t buy bitcoin before, despite the fact that prices have fallen by approximately 75% compared to the record highs of December 2017.

Among potential American investors ‘ interest in bitcoin is not quenched. CreditCoin reports that the main obstacle to the purchase of digital currencies is that it is «difficult» — think 44%. 42% said they do not know how to purchase coins. Fortunately, affordability is increased thanks to mobile apps such as Square Cash and Abra, which makes it easy to buy bitcoins with credit card.

If we talk about the Millennials (people born after 1981), 40% of them already own cryptocurrency. While men invest in them two times more often than women (48% and 26%, respectively). 64% of the younger generation are worried about security, while only 55% of older people share these concerns.

In the framework of a survey conducted in March of this year, it was found that about 16.3 million Americans (8% of the population) own any cryptocurrency, and 5% of all citizens have purchased bitcoin. In addition, according to a separate study published in the same month, platform Lendingblock, more than half of respondents believe that by 2025, the cryptocurrency will be accepted in many stores. And perhaps this prediction is far from the truth.

In the beginning of the month it became known that the manufacturer of custom car Mustang began to accept payments in cryptocurrency. In addition, in December 2017 it was reported that one of the largest Japanese companies for the sale of used cars Idom Inc announced a partnership with cryptocurrency exchange Bitflyer, to ensure the possibility of bitcoin payments in its offices throughout the country.

Japanese sellers are different advanced approach when it comes to the cryptocurrency industry. For example, in July last year, the Japanese retail electronics chain Bic Camera started to accept bitcoins in all stores.

But some countries have gone even further. Representatives of the Swiss municipality of Chiasso from January 2018 began to accept tax payments in bitcoins, though as they are limited to 250 Swiss francs (CHF).

In addition, this spring, the industry leader of adult entertainment Playboy Enterprises announced the integration of cryptocurrency payments, which will start with a portal Playboy TV. According to the announcement, in the future, customers will be able to get cryptocurrency access to a broader content — exclusive content, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

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