The state Duma will take in autumn the adoption of laws on cryptocurrency and crowdfunding

The state Duma may postpone the adoption of laws on digital of financial assets (cryptocurrencies) and attracting investment through the investment platforms (crowdfunding) in the fall, said the Chairman of state Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov. Informed consideration of the bills scheduled in the spring.

«The theme of cryptocurrency is far from simple – there are difficulties associated with the regulation of cryptocurrencies, so do not rule out the possibility of moving the adoption of laws in this area for the fall session,» – said the Deputy.

According to him, the technology of the blockchain is international, so there is concern that «to establish the regulation of bitcoin to work, there will be nothing».

«It is therefore necessary to determine what we can realistically handle and have, on this basis, to prescribe rules first, define rules, and secondly, protecting investors who participate in this,» – said Aksakov.

He stressed that officials have come to agreement on some issues, in particular, agreed that cryptocurrency is a right.

Head of the Committee on Finance stressed the desirability of adopting laws on digital of financial assets and attraction of investments using Investlesprom together with the law about digital rights, that is, the package, as in the first reading, which took place on may 22.

«The first law gives the definition of digital financial assets, referring to them bitcoin and the token, and secures a new contract in an electronic form – smart contract, fulfillment of obligations on which is performed using digital financial technology. The second bill regulates the relations on attraction of investments to legal entities or individual entrepreneurs by Investlesprom and defines legal bases of activity of the operators of such platforms, and the third introduces the civil law concept of «digital law», under which falls the token, and «digital money»,» Aksakov said.

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