The ruling party of India has accused of involvement in fraud with bitcoin at $736 million

The ruling party of India Bharatiya Janata (BJP), accused members of the former ruling party the Indian national Congress of involvement in the fraud with bitcoins in the amount of $736 million in Gujarat.

As local media reported NDTV on July 6, several leaders of the Indian national Congress demanded the intervention of the Supreme court in the matter after the information appeared about the BJP leaders involved in illegal cryptocurrency activities.

The representative of the Party Congress Shaktisinh Gohil (Shaktisinh Gohil) called it a «tiered» Scam and estimated that the total amount of fraud could exceed $12 billion. However, such a figure is unlikely, so it will be approximately one-tenth of the total market capitalization of bitcoin. Gohil added:

«In Gujarat was revealed the largest fraud scheme with bitcoins. Everything points to the fact that behind this Scam are a few leaders of the Bharatiya Janata party and its former in the run, the leader Nalina Kotadia (Nalin Kotadiya)».

Bitcoin still not legalized in India and is not approved by the regulators. However, a large number of cryptocurrency fraud that occurred in the country lately can be a great reason for a complete ban of cryptocurrency in the country.

Meanwhile Gohil compared fraud «Pandora’s box» and said that «illegal transactions in the Hawala system, kidnapping, extortion cryptocurrency with the participation of police/governmental bodies on the orders of the leaders of the BJP in Gujarat is the norm.»

It’s a Scam, to be linked to a Scam in Gujarat, which was carried out by the Builder Chilecom by Bhatt (Bhatt Shailesh) with the participation pyramid Bitconnect. Information about this appeared in June 2018. Then the investigators searched the offices of Bhaṭṭa and found that the police had helped him to extort bitcoins. Later, action was taken against several officials, including the head of the police staff, Jagdish Patel (Jagdish Patel). Then Central intelligence Agency of India (CID) caught Nalina Kotadia organization of the unauthorized action in the affair.

Gohil believes that the arrest of a fugitive from the police Kotadia «will help to obtain evidence for the involvement of other leaders of the BJP in the fraud.» He also claims that Scam is an operation supported by the government for turning «black» money into «white».

Meanwhile, the BJP has rejected all charges in the case and called the message of the party Congress «attempt to demonize» political opponents and slander. The representative of the BJP Anil Baluni (Anil Baluni) said:

«Statements the Congress Party is ridiculous, as the state police drew attention to this case and took into custody several people.»

Particularly interesting these accusations are amid a crackdown on the cryptocurrency exchanges over the banking, the prohibition imposed by the
Central Bank of the country in April this year. The fight is not successful, the Supreme court of India currently supports
the financial regulator, in connection with which the Indian cryptocurrency sites have to make changes in their work to adapt to new conditions.

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