The people in China bypass government censorship using the blockchain

The people of China had to go to the Ethereum blockchain for criticism of government activities and public corporations.

Concerned citizens attempted to publish a warning about tainted vaccines for infants against pertussis and tetanus, developed by a local Corporation Changsheng Bio-Technology and delivered in the province of Jinchun. However, the information has not passed state censorship authorities banned its publication in mass media and social networks.

Then one of the authors of the material sent back 0,001 ETH (about $0,47) and add the transaction metadata is text about the poor quality of vaccination. As a result, the information becomes public data in the blockchain cannot be faked, and to deny access to the network, the Chinese government has not yet obtained.

In response, many Chinese Internet users expressed in social networks, the aversion to the corrupt and inefficient system of vaccination, and some have adopted a new way to circumvent censorship on the Internet.

This is the second time that Chinese users have to turn to the blockchain to Express their social problems and complaints. In April, a student of one of Chinese colleges, who accused professors of sexual harassment and harassment also published an open letter through bloccano Ethereum.

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