The miners of Quebec, dissatisfied with the competitive sale of energy and accuse Bitmain of lobbying

A month after the Quebec government lifted the moratorium on the sale of electricity to miners, local businesses began to threaten the authorities that would leave jurisdiction in connection with the unfair policies of the energy companies.

In a series of posts on Twitter 28 Jun founder of D-Central Jonathan Bertrand (Bertrand Jonathan) said that due to conflicting interests and agendas at the governmental level, as well as «intense lobbying effort» from the world’s largest mining corporations Bitmain, smaller community members were «absolutely appalled» at the situation.

«I am a resident of Quebec, and I want to grow and participate in the local economy, but it is getting harder and harder, and it seems to me that the only sensible choice is to find a more suitable jurisdiction,» he wrote. «I am very saddened by this development, because the last 12 months we have built in québec, the ecosystem, and we had grandiose plans to develop the province».

The canadian province of Quebec, where cheap hydropower has created good conditions for large-scale mining bitcoin this year appeared in the center of the conflict of authorities, energy companies and miners.

At first, the prospects for the industry were extremely high. In January there was the official information that the Quebec opens
its doors for the miners. Then the commercial Director of an energy company Hydro Quebec has made a bold statement. He said that «consistent pricing for a long period and the confidence that such rate is not just an attractive proposition, which may in the future increase dramatically, are a key part of a commercial proposal for mining companies.»

However, by the end of the month, it became clear that the province is unable to meet the needs of miners, as did not expect such interest from industry representatives and «each day gets dozens of new applications.» Then in March, the authorities said that the province «not really interested in the miners,» and soon established a moratorium on the sale of electricity to industry, which was filmed in June.

Soon after it became known that Hydro-Québec offers
to sell electricity to the miners on a competitive basis – that, miners will be asked to specify the price they are willing to pay for the consumption of electricity was submitted for consideration to the energy regulator in the country.

This news stirred up a small mining company like D-Central, whose founder called the idea «tyranny» which will be on hand for major players, including Bitmain.

«If the situation does not move from the dead point until the end of July, I will have no choice but to move and to open his own company in another place,» added Bertrand.

Meanwhile, the disputes of politicians on this issue are continuing. The mayor of Baie-Comeau in Quebec, is configured positively against the miners, said
this week that the government «scored an own goal, making bitcoin a campaign issue.»

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