The head of Rospatent sees the prospects of the blockchain for the protection of intellectual property rights

According to the head of Rospatent Gregory Ivlieva, the technology of the blockchain is committed to protecting intellectual property rights.

«We see that with the help of blockchain technologies can more efficiently and reliably protecting intellectual property rights. It will significantly increase the speed of operation», — said Ivliev reporters during the international conference «Digital transformation: intellectual property technology of the blockchain».

He added that the technology of the blockchain can be protected as intellectual property.

«According to agencies and professionals present at the event, we are unable to protect technologies based on the blockchain as an object of intellectual property», — said Ivliev.

According to the head of Rospatent, today in the world issued more than a hundred patents related to the technology of the blockchain and the distributed registries.

«The growth is just incredible. Last year we reviewed 18 applications and one issued patent, today we have under consideration is already 285 applications in this area.»

The first Russian patent based on the application of the blockchain is a technology of quality control at all stages — from production to point of sale.

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