The FBI is investigating 130 cases related to cryptocurrency

The Federal Bureau of investigation United States (FBI) is currently engaged in 130 investigations related to cryptocurrency. On Wednesday, reported Bloomberg.

Senior FBI special agent Kyle Armstrong (Kyle Armstrong) said at the conference Crypto Evolved in new York that the Agency is investigating a variety of crimes including human trafficking, drugs, kidnapping and extortion, which involve cryptocurrencies.

In addition, recently there has been a surge of cases related to cryptocurrencies. About it the agent said, referring to opioids as one of the areas where the Bureau should focus on. Approximately 10% of drug users worldwide are buying them online for illicit digital markets.

In some regions of the U.S. also an increase in the number of cases of extortion cryptocurrency. Special agent noted that these cases represent only a small percentage of all investigations of the Agency.

Finally, Armstrong said that in contrast to crimes associated with cash, the resistance of the blockchain makes it easier to track transactions. On the other hand, the anonymity of cryptocurrencies makes it difficult for a proper investigation of the crimes.

Fraud cryptocurrency – a very common phenomenon around the world. In particular, they thrive in countries of the Asian region, where the proliferation of digital currencies is quite high. In may, the Chinese police uncovered a pyramid at $47 million, and a few days before that, the authorities stated that he found 421 fake cryptocurrency creators which use «business model on the basis of the pyramid.»

In April, again in China, was arrested the founders of the scheme DBTC, attended 13 000 users, which has invested more than $13 million. Soon after, Chinese authorities arrested the organizers of the «tea» Scam-project appropriated $47 million. The creators of the project assured that all of the coins they secured a rare breed Tibetan Puer tea, which they stock for millions of dollars.

In may also ended a two-year investigation into large-scale scheme multi-level marketing Weika Coin (Chinese name OneCoin), the results of which was made 120 arrests and issued 98 judgments. According to experts, the local organizers OneCoin earned about $2.3 billion. The investigation and subsequent disclosure scheme has become the largest event of its kind for the Chinese province of Hunan, where the investigation was conducted.

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