The division of the stock exchange of Malta provides a platform for trade tokens-stock

The newly established FINTECH division of the Malta stock exchange (MSX) has signed several agreements aimed at creating new platforms for licenzirovanie securities.

According to a recent agreement, combined with the Neufund MSX, a platform for tokenization and issue of securities, with the aim of creating «regulated and decentralized global stock exchanges for listing and trading securities licenzirovanie along with the cryptocurrency assets,» reads the press release.

However, the statement did not explain what characteristics make a decentralized exchange.

This year, the partners plan to conduct a pilot project, which will include licenzirovanie public offering of shares on the primary market Neufund, which later will be available for trading on Binance (under a separate agreement with the Neufund) — pending the approval of regulators in Malta.

Neufund claims that the new platform will be «the first multi-primary platform of release for token-actions». Calling the project «a pioneer in the field of digital Finance,» the Chairman of the Board of the Malta stock exchange Joseph Portelli (Joseph Portelli) said:

«We are pleased to welcome Neufund as our key partner in the creation of the exchange on the basis of the blockchain, which is fully integrated with existing financial markets.»

It was also reported that the cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has partnered with MSX to launch a new stock exchange called OKMSX to trade tokens are shares of the «institutional level». It is expected that the platform will start its work in the first quarter of next year, according to another press release.

Malta has recently shifted to the active support of the cryptocurrency and blockchain-companies — in June were approved
three bills related to cryptocurrency, Baccano and technology of the distributed registry. Then it was noted that Malta was one of the first jurisdictions in the world that have enacted specific laws to regulate the technology.

While the efforts of Malta in attracting and supporting cryptocurrency companies very successful. In June, the exchange Binance opened a Bank account in Malta, which was a logical continuation of its plans to transfer all its operations to the island. It was followed by
exchange OKEX, and in may Polish Playground BitBay announced that because of pressure from regulators moved to Malta. In addition, this month the Maltese company Stasis has released EURS — new stable bitcoin (the token) based on the standard EIP-20 Ethereum, pegged to the Euro at a ratio of one to one.

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