The developers of «secret contracts» Enigma startup run a test blockchain

Focused on increased privacy the blockchain Enigma began official testing.

The news said the last phase of the implementation of the technology «secret contracts», developed by startup Enigma in the laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of technology. The white book project have been published in 2015. Initially, the project was oriented to the sector of hedge funds, but now the Enigma is positioning itself as a Protocol for «secret contracts» that the company demonstrated last month at the event Consensus 2018.

The announcement of the start of the testing suggests that the technology, which is a special kind of modified smart contracts designed to disguise the origin of the transaction, and in order to allow the blockchain to calculate the contracts, not decoding them, soon will be used in the real world.

However, project leaders are encouraged to exercise caution and not to rush. Emphasizing the innovative nature of the technology, they write:

«We recognize that the development of these types of innovative technologies is an outstanding, long-term iterative process. We don’t just branch the existing platform – we create something brand new and important, something for the will need (and needed) a lot of people days and nights».

In any case, even at an early stage of development the technology is already attracting the attention of a large number of people.

We will remind, recently Enigma has announced the conclusion of a partnership with the technology giant, Intel, to further joint development of platforms and applications to manage the Protocol.

According to the road map project, launch of the core network to be held within three months after the launch of testnet.

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