The Department to combat fraud Delaware has questions to Poloniex

American cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex apparently attracted the interest of Groups of investor protection Delaware Department of justice (DOJ): chief special investigator of the Department for the protection of investors (IPU) has compiled a list of persons who were asked to contact him if they have difficulties with their account Poloniex.

IPU is part of the anti-fraud and consumer protection, specializing, in particular, cases of fraud with securities and shall be responsible for compliance with the provisions of the securities Act of Delaware. The division reviews and investigates complaints of investors, and also examines the activities of investment advisers and brokers.

IPU initiates enforcement action in that case, if the company or individuals raises questions about compliance with the securities Act of Delaware.

Poloniex users began to complain about the lack of access to own deposits or «trapped deposits».

«I think I joined the ranks of countless users who have lost or stuck Deposit – one of those, the availability of funds on Poloniex which confirms that, while the bill actually does not reflect these funds», – said one of the users of the exchange.

Other users complained that their accounts have been frozen and they are unable to get a response from the company. Some even said that the number of complaints forced them to close the account, despite the fact that this situation has not affected them directly.

In may, the owners of the unverified accounts on the exchange Poloniex complained about the freezing of their funds, and then the impossibility of verification. In January, the users claimed that Poloniex is not credited balances on their accounts when orders have been cancelled.

All this calls the attention of the representatives of the DOJ to work Poloniex, and some users even want to initiate against the exchange litigation.

«We need to prove that there is a sufficient reason to continue litigation,» wrote one user of the exchange.

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