The defense Ministry uses the blockchain to combat hackers

The defense Ministry plans to use the technology of the blockchain to detect electronic attacks on critical information infrastructure and protection of databases, the Department reported.

In Anapa on the basis of the construction of the military Technopolis «ERA» is created scientific blockchain laboratory, which will study the possibility of using technology to detect computer attacks. Implementation will take the 8 th main Directorate of the defense Ministry responsible for the protection of state secrets.

«Often when an unauthorized penetration into the device, the attacker cleans up the access log, located on it, to hide the traces of attacks. Using distributed to multiple devices log (e.g., in the form of the blockchain), it is possible to minimize this risk,» – said anti-virus expert «Kaspersky Lab» Alexey Malanov.

According to the Chairman of the Board, Foundation for the development of the digital economy Herman Klimenko, the blockchain is an effective and modern tool, which is already widely used by civilian organizations and can be useful to the military.

In particular, the governing bodies of NATO intend to utilize blockchain in applications related to military logistics, procurement and Finance. In turn, the Pentagon plans to use this technology in cybersecurity.

«Viruses change the code of the software or data and try to disguise this fact from the rest of the controllers of data integrity, – Klimenko told. Blockchain due to their nature can be a store reference code and to provide independent verification and reliability of data/code. In my opinion, the Ministry of defense on many issues today, IT is a driver of research, and it is useful for the whole industry.»

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