The Bank of Russia noted the increase in the number of cryptocurrency pyramids

The number of pyramid schemes based on imaginary investments in scriptactive increased. This was announced by Director of the Department for combating unfair practices of the Bank of Russia Valery Lyakh.

According to him, in the first half of 2018, the Bank recorded not only increase, but also increase the amounts that citizens put into them. So, if the investment in classic fraudulent projects amount to 30-50 thousand rubles, in cryptoperthite make 80-100 thousand rubles.

«A distinctive feature of such projects is the involvement of the population almost always goes through the Internet. In this case, most often the victims of criptoportico be the inhabitants of Central regions of Russia and big cities, because there the average income of the citizens above,» said Lyakh.

However, according to experts, in 2018 the potential buyers of tokens in General have become more selective in choosing a project for investment.

«The presence of well-known persons among the persons representing the project, is not an indicator of its quality. The main project is the developers. After receiving the offer on the investment, pay attention to the proportion of such specialists in the team,» advises the founder of the payment system PlasmaPay Ilya Maximenko. «If the team ICO one developer have nine marketers, it is obvious that the main objective of the project is to sell it».

According to the founder of the Arena project Space VR of Basil ryzhonkova, many of the projects, a second ICO with the aim of attracting additional investment and improving user engagement.

«In this sense, novice investors became easier – they have the opportunity to invest in projects with the finished product, and not to risk being carried away screaming «packaging» of new startups,» he said.

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