Swiss stock exchange launches a developing blockchain platform

The Swiss stock exchange SIX Swiss Exchange have announced that it is developing a digital blockchain platform SIX Digital Exchange (SDX), which subsequently will provide trading, settlement and custody services for licenzirovanie assets.

Despite the fact that the new platform will be based on the technology of the blockchain and will allow you to manage large-scale financial infrastructure, it will be subject to the same regulatory and Supervisory standards, and SIX Swiss Exchange. And supervision will be implemented by financial regulators in Switzerland.

Representatives of the company, vladeasa exchange SIX Swiss Exchange, announced that the development platform SDX will take place in several stages, and the opening of the SDX is planned for next year.

«At the first stage we will create an adjustable platform for the exchange. In the second phase we will begin to offer tokenization of existing Bank assets, and then extend the offer to non-Bank assets. The first service is planned to start providing in mid-2019,» – said representatives of the company.

Company representatives noted that the primary goal of the new platform is the creation of a market for digital assets and allows traditional investors to digitize their assets using the technology of the blockchain.

«This is the beginning of a new era for infrastructure capital markets. Obviously, much of what is happening in the digital space will determine the future of the financial industry, which today need a bridge to connect the traditional financial services and digital community,» said CEO exchange Dijsselhof Jos (Jos Dijsselhof).

It should be noted that the SIX Swiss Exchange in its attempt to implement the technology of the blockchain in the current business processes of the traditional exchange is not the first and not the only one. The Australian stock exchange in 2015 is developing its blockchain system and expects to release it in 2020. It is expected that the new platform will replace its clearing and settlement system CHESS.

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