Swiss «Cryptocoryne» successfully tested the voting system on a blockchain

Zug — a Canton in Switzerland, called «Triptocaine» after it settled a host of cryptocurrency and blockchain startups successfully completed the first test of the local voting system based on blockchain.

In June it was reported that Zug has launched a pilot platform of electronic voting, is built on the blockchain as part of the effort of the city to introduce the technology. The voting process took place from 25 June to 1 July. The system was kept as the results of the voting and ID cards of citizens.

Local news site, owned by the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, announced on Monday that according to the head of the Department of communication of Zug Dieter müller (Dieter Müller), «the Prime Minister was successful.»

After positive results, Muller said that «technical details» of the voting process will be evaluated in the coming months. According to a press release
the city government of 25 June, the purpose of establishing this platform on the blockchain was to make the voting process «more secure and less susceptible to subtle manipulation.»

The electronic voting system was developed by Luxoft is the company that produces the software and based in Zug, in partnership with the city and the Department of Informatics at the University of applied Sciences Lucerne. In that time Vasily Suvorov (Suvorov Vasily), CTO of Luxoft, said:

«There are concerns about electronic voting, because voting is a fundamental mechanism for direct electoral rights… That is why we believe that this technology should not belong to any one company. We will create an electronic voting platform Open Source so that people could understand what technology is and how it works. We want to encourage more people to develop applications based on the blockchain for governments around the world.»

In March of this year the American state of West Virginia tested
voting system for voters living in the army and voting in absentia, through a mobile application on the basis of the blockchain. Then the representative of the state even stated that the planned dissemination of the concept in all 55 counties in the state in the General election in November 2018, if the pilot project proves successful.

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