Startup Monaco acquired the domain

The Issuer of the cryptocurrency debit cards startup Monaco has become extremely popular domain The seller of the domain became Professor Matt blaze, who registered it in 1993. Being a researcher in computer security, he linked the word «crypto» in its domain cryptography.

Although the official amount of the transaction were not disclosed, the experts of The Verge praised the domain cost of $ 10 million. But, even considering the high cost of the domain, the transaction is likely to cause the members of the cryptocurrency community surprise.

The fact that Matt blaze has repeatedly stated that it does not intend to sell the domain, even given the fact that due to the huge interest in cryptocurrency its value was in the millions of dollars. For several years the blaze has been approached by several buyers, but he always answered the same failure. The reason that blaze changed his mind, is unclear, but some believe that the blaze had something more important than money.

The motive of shopping for company Monaco is rebranding.

«This is a very important name. It represents a whole category, and we have a huge responsibility to carry that torch,» said the head of the Monaco Chris Marsalek.

The company Monaco was founded in the year 2016, and in 2017, she faced a series of misfortunes, causing the value of its tokens MCO fell by 40%. In the process of rebranding the parent company of Monaco will be renamed then the card and the purse will bear the name cryptocurrency project – MCO.

As new titles will affect the future of the company, time will tell.

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