Startup from Wyoming uses the blockchain to track supply chains

Startup from Wyoming BeefChain told about how he applies the technology of the blockchain to track the supply chain of meat products. For five months of the company’s existence, employees BeefChain mislabeled for over 1,500 head of cattle on five ranch and entered these data into the blockchain.

Co-founder and CEO Wyoming Certified Beef LLC Rob Jennings (Rob Jennings) I am confident that this pilot program will give the ranchers an advantage in international markets, because of the complete transparency of all production stages and will also make Wyoming one of the leaders of the «ethical agriculture». The ultimate goal of the project is to identify the living conditions of the livestock that will ultimately lead to the production of higher-quality meat for sale in foreign markets. By 2019, the meat products will be delivered to Asian markets.

«We used the technology of the blockchain is not to change what you do ranchers in Wyoming, and in order to demonstrate, what do the owners of a ranch in Wyoming. We want to show how and where the food animals where they graze, how to care for them and how they are to be vaccinated. The technology of the blockchain is not only a tool to increase sales, but also the opportunity to tell about the processes occurring on the farmers of Wyoming,» said Jennings.

Wyoming Senator Ogden of Driskill (Ogden Driskill), which this year sponsored a number of blockchain-bills in the legislature, he signed a contract with BeefChain almost immediately, marking 323 calves from your family ranch Campstool near Devils Tower in may.

Last year 11 400 farms of Wyoming received from the sales of cattle 1.1 billion, making it the 14th largest producer in the U.S., despite the small population of the state.

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