Sixth place in the list of the richest addresses Bitcoin took address, created on 1 July

According to the site Bitinfocharts in the TOP 10 of the addresses in the Bitcoin network with the largest balances entered address, created on 1 July 2018. He currently ranks sixth, with the balance of 85 947 BTC (about 548 million dollars at current exchange rates).

The first five in the list is the largest wallets are exchanges: Bitfinex, Binance, Bittrex, Bitstamp and Huobi. The owner of the new address not currently identified.

The purse was made only 4 the translation from four different addresses, and only one carries a substantial amount:

  • The first and the largest transaction was made on 1 July and was 85 947.127 BTC

  • The second transaction – 0.000008 BTC

  • Third transaction – 0.000005 BTC

  • The fourth transaction was made July 3, 2018 and amounted to 0.00000547

  • The address from which the transfer was made in the amount of 85 947 BTC was first activated on 25 March 2018. This address took place 152 transactions, and receipts were more than the findings. Just after this address was 93 947 BTC, and the outgoing transaction is practically zeroed his balance.

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