Russian startup Apirone launched the Bitcoin blockchain Explorer with complete support SegWit

Russian startup Apirone announced the launch of a new Bitcoin blockchain Explorer. It is no secret that there are many similar solutions, but only few of them have full support for SegWit that the Bitcoin network still passes since last summer.

In a new browser Apirone you can easily check the status and history of transactions for SegWit addresses. This address format starts with bc1 (Bech32), and transactions have smaller fee, size, and priority in the network.

In addition, the browser integrated the ability to scan a QR code. Just turn on the webcam and show the code on your phone. The scanner will instantly read the bitcoin address and open its page. All the data about exchange rates and conversion are updated on the fly. Page design is adaptive and suitable even for small smartphones for scanning QR codes can be used as a front or external camera of the phone.

Another important element makes the navigation more convenient grouping of incoming and outgoing coins in the transaction. But if you want to see more detailed information about each coin, you can switch to «traditional mode» by clicking on «View». The website will remember your choice and next time the system displays the data on the basis of specified preferences.

In the browser, it is possible to view more detailed technical data, such as scripts of inputs and outputs. Please note that these functions are not active by default, you need to open them manually. In the next iteration of the development will be available HTLC-decoder for contracts Lightning Network.

And finally, one of the advantages of the browser made in the form of a single-page app (SPA — Single Page Application). This means that all the data that you want to view is displayed without reloading the page, that is, as quickly as possible, because in this case is loaded only useful information. And colorful animation when updating the blocks makes the process more fun and enjoyable.

Explorer blockchain from Apirone among the three similar applications with full support SegWit, and he’s one of the most complete and convenient today. And, of course, this is only a starter edition. The startup is open to your ideas and suggestions.

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