Russian project SONM has launched a platform of «nebulous» calculations

The company SONM announced the launch of its own decentralized platform fog computing. Within the platform, consumers and providers will have access to the blockchain-the marketplace, which will be able to rent each other’s computing power any size for solving applied tasks scientific computing, machine learning, big data, rendering video, hosting applications and web sites, and storage management.

For calculations there is no need to purchase specialized hardware: the new platform provides the power of the GPU and the CPU, disk space, RAM and network bandwidth. To begin, owners of a PC or server, you must install and configure the software SONM. In the marketplace consumers can choose the price, rental period, to redeem the amount of resources required for their projects.

In turn, providers of computing resources platform SONM offers a promising alternative to mining, which will enable them to earn not only by iterating through the hashes, but also on the performance of real business problems. Such a proposal right now is very difficult for individual miners, faced with falling yields classic cryptocurrency mining and the continuing proliferation of ASIC miners on previously protected them from algorithms.

To start working on the platform, consumers and providers of computing resources will have to conduct operations in SNM — tokens SONM. Providers that have the processing power, get tokens SONM, providing computing power to consumers. The interaction between supplier and customer automated and controlled directly (P2P) via the marketplace on the basis of the blockchain. Execution of payments is provided by using smart contracts.

Infrastructure SONM suitable for running any software under Linux, including commercial closed source. Computational resources of graphics processors are best suited for solving problems related to machine learning, big data analysis and rendering. Additional option platform SONM — storage of large data sets.

Of great interest is the platform for miners, providing a multipool. From the very first release SONM suitable for mining various types of cryptocurrencies. A feature of the arbitration system is a bot that will monitor the cryptocurrency market and automatically direct resources free equipment for mining.

«We provide the global market more advanced alternative to the classic cloud computing — the technology that will be able to cope with different types of computing tasks for many clients, says co-founder SONM Alexei Antonov. On the basis of the technology of the blockchain and fog computing we have created an ecosystem that combines cryptocurrencies and computing power within a single paradigm, revealing the potential of a plurality of devices connected to our platform across the world. In the future we plan to add a SONM masternode that will ensure the safety of the marketplace, working on our own blockchain. SONM token holders will be able to run masternode and to receive remuneration for the provision of the system».

SONM company, founded in 2016 by Alexei Antonov and Sergey Ponomarev, provides a multipurpose platform for implementing complex computational tasks. Decentralized platform fog computing SONM seeks to provide higher efficiency compared to the classical cloud solutions. Among the well-known industrial partners SONM includes OpenFog Consortium and HP Cloud 28+.

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