Running a beta version of the blockchain Tezos

After many months of debate and discussion network Tezos was launched and started work — while in test mode.

Tezos Foundation announced on Saturday that «a beta version of the blockchain running.» As the group explained to run a fully functional version of the network, but still «experimental» in nature, with the possibility of delays and even emergency hardforce.

The plan Fund is that transactions that occur in the beta network, will be valid and in its final version, which will appear in the third quarter of this year. However, the Fund warns that by making the important transaction should wait until such time as the network becomes more reliable.

Tezos Foundation sozdal first or zero block (genesis block) to the blockchain, details of which are available here. Participants can connect to the network, and to begin the verification process to support the registry, similar to the mining in Bitcoin. However, community members can’t start him until we have found about 29 000 units.

Foundation President Ryan Jesperson (Ryan Jesperson) wrote:

«The future Tezos is in the hands of its community. This moment is a turning point for the project, and we are happy to support community developers, scholars, validators and enthusiasts from around the world, as they develop this innovative decentralized network».

The Fund added that users should be careful as the provision of access to the private key — for example, through phishing attacks can result in loss of tokens.

Dynamic Ledger Solutions (DLS), which oversees the code of the Tezos Protocol, has promised to release the software open source under the MIT license. However, the GitHub page of the project was not updated and did not reflect the new licensing agreement at the time of publication.

During initial placement of tokens Tezos Foundation had raised about $232 million in July last year, which made it the biggest ICO in history at the time. With the launch of the beta version of the network sold tokens migrated to its own blockchain Tezos.

Surprises and delays

One of the controversial phenomena that preceded the launch of the beta version, was the need of the investors provide their personal information, the company TokenSoft intermediary, working with the Foundation to get their tokens

A couple of weeks ago Tezos Foundation announced
that will check all customers who have purchased tokens during the ICO project in accordance with the rules and KYC/AML. In this case investors, which the Fund calls «investors», not asked to provide any personal information during the purchase token Tezzies (XTZ). Intermediary company TokenSoft, which verifies the investors requires the owners of the token name, phone number, address, photo ID and a photo to check for KYC/AML. And this situation greatly angered some community members.

A large gap between the ICO and the launch of the platform is largely due to the conflict that broke out between the founders Tezos Arthur and Kathleen Brightman (Arthur and Kathleen Breitman) and President Tezos Foundation Evercom Johann (Johann Gevers) three months after the end of ICO. Brittany controlled code using DLS, and Givers received from the sale of cryptocurrency tokens.

In the end, even after the apparent victory of Britanov, forcing Gevers to withdraw from the Fund in February, the launch of the blockchain still has not happened. The Fund’s decision to conduct inspections in KYC/AML may indicate that the network launch was hampered by the legal and regulatory uncertainty.

During debate and discussion on Britanov, Dynamic Ledger Solutions, Tezos Foundation and other individuals and companies associated with the project, was filed four lawsuits from investors Tezos.

Investors expressed their dissatisfaction with both the legal and technological fronts. At least two groups of developers have announced plans to create alternative versions Tezos without KYC. The group plan to give depositors the same amount of Tezzies, which they relied on the blockchain Tezos (with the exception of the Fund Tezos who will get nothing).

The project TzLibre appeared the next day after the departure of Givers, and another initiative – nTezos was announced after the announcement of the Fund on KYC-checks. Both alternative team Tezos working under pseudonyms.

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