Run Magnet Merchant for accepting cryptocurrency payments online

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Company Magnet Network
announced the release of a Merchant system for receiving payment in bitcoin for goods and services for online stores and sites.

Let us consider in more details how it works the decision.

To begin with, the resource owner must register on the website of the Merchant, putting the wallet address to which he wished to receive payment. (the wallet must be pre-download Magnet Network).

Next in the Payments Button, you should select the design and size of the button, put the link of the sold goods (this can be a book, movie, video, access to the private section, etc.) and set the price. Button on the website might look like this:

The price may be specified in the MAG, BTC or USD. When specifying the price in dollars or BTC, the system automatically recalculates the prices on the exchange rate. It is convenient for customers who prefer the dollar or the cryptocurrency economy. It also allows you to hedge rates relative to the cryptocurrency market since the conversion to dollars is done in real time.

As soon as the customer pays the purchase payment shows up in your wallet:

At the same time in Your personal account Merchant statistics are updated:

It is important to note that both the shop and customers have complete control over your transactions. Merchant does not store payment or private keys. No more waiting for payments for weeks or months, as is the case with traditional merchants. The store receives the payment as soon as it hits the blockchain.

Magnet Merchant is completely anonymous and absouloutely and service any of the subjects included high-risk. No one will disconnect you from the service does not delay payment and will not run away with the money. Nobody will see what were made and who made the transaction, because transactions in the blockchain anonymous. No one will require you to provide personal information. Between the store and the customer, no middleman. The merchant does not charge any fees for the service. All payments go directly to your address in your network.

To purchase tokens MAG for calculations on exchanges CoinExchange, Cryptopia and CryptoBridge.

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