Polish PBS complaining about banks closing accounts of kryptomere

Polish Association of Bitcoin (PBS) has applied to the Department for consumer protection (UOKiK) to ban the actions of banks, which block or close the accounts of cryptocurrency companies.

Polish cryptocurrency community is concerned that through such actions, the country is moving towards a complete ban on the cryptocurrency activities.

PBS announced on 15 financial institutions, which refused to open Bank accounts 52 cryptocurrency companies. According to its representatives, the leader in this infamous list mBank – he was denied 9 times and closed three accounts. The Association is seeking the cancellation of the decisions of these banks and imposing on them penalties.

PBS emphasizes that the hostile attitude of banks to the cryptocurrency industry is not due to the attitude of the government – in Polish law there are no rules outlawing of the cryptocurrency exchanges. According to PBS, the actions of banks aimed at eliminating competition on the part of the crypto community.

«The consequences of the described actions of the banks clearly aimed at the removal of cryptocurrency companies from the market, despite the fact that their activity is lawful and is in accordance with local regulations. Regulators must take action, otherwise the emerging sector of cryptocurrencies in the country will suffer significant losses,» the statements of the PBS.

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