Peter Thiel and Cihan Have become the new investors

According to the source, who requested anonymity due to the private nature of the information, the company developer recently launched blockchain EOS — is preparing to announce this week about a new funding round, which will be attended by the founder of PayPal and Founders Fund Manager Peter Thiel (Peter Thiel), as well as the head of the Chinese mining company Bitmain — Csihar (Jihan Wu). Also among the co-investors will enter the founder of Moore Capital Management LP, Louis bacon (Louis Bacon) and billionaire Alan Howard (Alan Howard). The size of the investment round is unknown.

Recall that recently completed
the largest in the history of the ICO, during which he managed to attract more than four billion dollars. To date, token EOS, released and the underlying platform EOSIO, ranked fifth in the list of the largest digital assets in the capitalisation of 7.1 billion dollars. was founded in 2016 by Brendan Bamarom (Brendan Blumer) and Daniel Larimer (Daniel Larimer). Among its investors include Michael Novogratz (Michael Novogratz) and FINTECH investor Christian Angermayer (Christian Angermayer), who, along with Thiel has sponsored a large number of technology companies. already confirmed
this information on its website, including the names of the investors.

«Protocol EOSIO is an excellent example of innovation in the field of blockchain. Its performance and scalability can meet the needs of consumer applications and to pave the way for mass dissemination of technology of the blockchain», — said the head of Bitmain, Cihan U.

«Since is preparing to announce its plans for the future, we are pleased to welcome key strategic investors who share our values, creating safer and more United world», — said General Director of Brendan Blumer.

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