Opposition ASIC mining will not be a priority for the developers zcash for

The zcash for members of the community voted not to give priority to projects that will be aimed at changing the Protocol to prevent ASIC mining.

This decision was taken as part of the management meeting held zcash for Foundation. The results were announced at the conference Zcon0 in Montreal on Thursday. Community members voted for and against the proposal, which put forward the need to give priority to the resistance to ASIC mining and «to discourage the use of mining hardware is ASIC mining hardware to mine using graphics cards». «For» the proposal was on 19 votes against 45.

As previously reported, the appearance
ASIC miners for zcash for has become a stumbling block within the cryptocurrency community.

Some users expressed support for GPU mining, as it allows you to participate in the production of a wider range of miners. Especially those who have no resources for the acquisition ASIC, which can cost thousands of dollars apiece, and cannot be used for other tasks.

Andrew Miller (Andrew Miller), the zcash for the President of the Foundation, said he was «surprised» at the result of the vote. Miller said participants:

«This vote indicates pretty serious disagreements within the community. I interpret these results as follows: we will not take hasty decisions, such as redirecting all resources zcash for Foundation to ASIC resistance».

In the management meeting was attended by 64 elected members of the cryptocurrency community who voted for 7 different issues a week before the conference. However, the results of the vote does not put an end to the problem of mining zcash for.

Indeed, in another vote of 38 community members were «for» and 26 «against» research long-term solutions such as more «thermodynamically efficient» algorithms for consensus, as well as research hardware open source.

In the framework of a seminar on mining at the conference on Tuesday, members of the zcash for Company — the main organisation supporting the development of zcash for, said that the company would Express a more official position on the ASIC before the upcoming update, Sapling in October.

Zcash for Foundation operates independently of the zcash for Company. Its main objective is to decentralize decision-making in network through management meetings. At the conference, Miller said that these meetings are generally designed to inform community members about the Fund’s priorities for the year.

«We want to use the idea of open governance, including community participation in decision-making is our main goal,» said Miller.

In another question, 48 participants were «for» and 15 – «against» in order to transfer the ownership of a trademark from zcash for zcash for Company Fund. The group also voted for the election of the Director General Clovyr the Bold amber (Amber Baldet) and co-founder of zcash for Myers Ian (Ian Miers) as new members of the Board.

This week, the network has been successfully zcash for
activated update Overwinter, which will prepare the network to a larger hard forks Sapling in October of this year. Within Overwinter
was added protection from repeat transactions and some enhancements to improve network performance. During the upgrade the Sapling plan to eliminate the excessive weight of the transaction is gated, making zcash for will be able to scale to more users.

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