News review altcoins: zcash for Ripple, Tezos

The operator cryptocurrency wallets, Bitgo announced the addition of support zcash for the company-Issuer of debit cards bilinovich Wirex has included support for XRP, and the project Tezos Foundation has commissioned PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to conduct an audit.

Bitgo adds to the zcash for listing

After adding in the listing 57 tokens of the standard ERC 20 last week, Bitgo announced the addition of support zcash for. According to the chief technical Director Bitgo Ben Chan (Ben Chan), zcash for, as one of the most valuable and technologically sophisticated digital currencies in the world, is an important new asset for institutional investors.

Engineer zcash for brad Miller (Brad Miller) stated that the ecosystem zcash for exceptional standards Bitgo and protection services and storage under different signatures, they can seamlessly and securely send and receive zcash for.

Wirex launches support Ripple

According to a press release Wirex, customers can now «buy, sell, trade and post Ripple (XRP)». With the app, Wirex users became available to convert XRP to Fiat currency, and the exchange of more than 50 altcoins.

PwC will audit Tezos

The international company PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) selected «among the most respected audit firms in the world, with extensive experience of auditing complex operations in many different environments around the world,» conduct an external audit of the financial condition and operations Tezos Foundation. Thus for PwC this is the first evaluation of work blockchain.

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