Nasdaq held a private meeting to support the development of the cryptocurrency industry

According to the news Agency Bloomberg, citing a source familiar with the situation at the beginning of last week, the Nasdaq has held a closed meeting with representatives of about a dozen companies, including traditional and cryptocurrency exchanges. According to the source, this is not the last meeting, which aims to develop measures promoting the development of the cryptocurrency industry.

Nasdaq representatives declined to comment this information, but confirmed that such a meeting really took place. Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, who also took part in it, declined to comment.

Among other topics related to the development of the cryptocurrency industry, the meeting participants discussed the possible consequences of market regulation of cryptocurrency in the future and the necessary tools for oversight in this industry.

According to General Director Friedman Nasdaq Adena (Adena Friedman), cryptocurrency is the next step in the evolution of money. However, she’s not ready to say whether or not mass recognition of bitcoin or will it be some other currency is based on the technology of the blockchain.

«I do believe that cryptocurrencies will evolve and one of the cryptocurrency will eventually be adopted as the main. Globalized payment mechanism, more effective than existing today, will allow for cross-border payments and, of course, support the economy of the Internet,» said Friedman in may.

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