Microsoft launches blockchain partnership in Taiwan

The Taiwan division of Microsoft Corporation has signed a partnership agreement with Digital China Hot and Cool, with the aim of sharing technology of the blockchain to optimize the industry of Finance, e-Commerce and entertainment.

Program tripartite blockchain Alliance was presented June 28 at a conference in Taipei. Microsoft CEO Taiwan San Zikan believes that a Microsoft Azure project can improve the computing power and security to digital blockchain services Digital China. Recall that Azure is a cloud service from Microsoft, with which users can create, test, use and manage applications and services using a global network of datacenters of the company.

Czigan said:

«Taiwan has excellent engineering and technical expertise, and innovative thinking cannot be underestimated. At the same time in the country’s manufacturing and research base and an excellent geographical location with excellent conditions for the development of applications of the blockchain».

Founder, Digital China San Utau called «the Creator of Goldman Sachs in the field of blockchain». However, the company actually came from the Legend Group in 2001, renamed Lenovo. WTO actively studying the technology of the blockchain in 2014. He believes that the blockchain is necessary to combine with the Internet of things, biometrics and artificial intelligence. In this interaction he sees the optimization of business opportunities in the Taiwan market.

CEO of Hot Cool Zifu Have said that the conclusion of a partnership represents the best model of future solutions based on the technology of the blockchain. His company is engaged in the provision of services of cloud services by acting as intermediary between corporate and public cloud providers. Cifu believes that the technology of the blockchain from the company Digital China, Microsoft Azure cloud services and services Hot Cool should form a great project.

Details about the specifics of the new partnership have not yet been reported. It is worth noting that this is the second Union, concluded Microsoft in June. The first cooperation agreement was signed with Ernst&Young — together they plan to run a blockchain-based platform for consideration of the copyright to the content.

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