Manufacturer of custom Mustang car started to accept payments in cryptocurrency

American manufacturer of custom-made cars Mustang now accepts payments for their custom-made machines in the cryptocurrency, including BTC, LTC and ETH.

Company Classic Recreations is licensed by the Ford Motor Company and Shelby American, based in Oklahoma and has the right to manufacture and repair of cars Ford Mustang. Recently, the manufacturer announced that it will begin accepting payments for their cars in various cryptocurrencies, including but not limited to BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH and MTC, to expand their customer base.

«All my life I was very fascinated by technology and revolutionary solutions,» said
Jason Engel (Jason Engel), the owner of Classic Recreations. «Crypto-currencies have come a long way and continue to grow as a legitimate currency in the world market. The most beautiful thing in our decision about accepting payments in crypto-currencies that it allows Classic Recreations to communicate with customers around the world.»

The company has been operating for over fifteen years. Create vehicle-to-order takes about four months (approximately 2 500 man-hours). All machines are handmade and created on the premises of the company.

Buying expensive cars for a long time is a common means of demonstrating wealth among the most successful members of the community of bitcoin. For example, in January 2016 in Finland, bitcoin was purchased
Tesla worth 140 000 €. There is demand — there is proposal. Over time, dealers of luxury vehicles, specially designed for a particular segment of the rich – new cryptocurrency millionaires.

But not only «whales» who buy cars with bitcoin. In Japan, where payments in bitcoin more widespread than anywhere else in the world because of the actions of the regulators (April 1, 2017, the bitcoin is recognized
in Japan legal tender), even used cars sold for bitcoins. In December 2017, it was reported that one of the largest Japanese companies for the sale of used cars Idom Inc announced
on cooperation with the cryptocurrency exchange Bitflyer to provide the opportunity of bitcoin payments in its offices throughout the country. First, the option will be available at 25 locations, but in the future the company plans to accept bitcoin in 550 branches.

Retailers of Japan are generally the foremost approach when it comes to the cryptocurrency industry. For example, in July last year, the Japanese retail electronics chain Bic Camera began taking
bitcoins in all stores.

Some States went even further. Representatives of the Swiss municipality of Chiasso from January 2018 taking
tax payments in bitcoins, though at first they will be limited to 250 Swiss francs (CHF).

In addition, in March of this year, the industry leader of adult entertainment Playboy Enterprises announced
on the integration of cryptocurrency payments, which will start with a portal Playboy TV. According to the announcement, customers will be able to obtain in the future for cryptocurrencies and access to other content, exclusive content, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

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