Launched cryptocurrency exchange VCTRADE with Bank support

The world’s first crypto-currency exchange with Bank support, is open to the public after months of delays.

Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings officially launched its own cryptocurrency trading platform, dubbed VCTRADE last month. However, as was reported
then, the shopping service was available only to a select group of users who have pre-registered on the platform in October last year.

In the announcement published on Tuesday, SBI Holdings said that the service is now fully open for users aged 20 to 70 years who reside in Japan. However, the service registration for corporate customers are not yet available.

During the June launch VCTRADE announced that it will initially support trading the Japanese yen against XRP, a private token of the Ripple Protocol, a step that is consistent with broader support for token XRP SBI Holdings in the area of interbank transfers, cross-border payments. Subsequently, the platform has added the trading pairs based on the yen to BTC and BCH, respectively, 8 and 15 June.

Yesterday’s public launch happened almost two years after the company SBI Holdings first announced that it will establish an exchange in October 2016. The platform itself has received a license from the Japanese financial regulator — the financial services Agency, at the end of last year.

The launch of the platform was delayed for several months as the company worked on improving internal security after hacking
Japanese exchange Coincheck, which occurred in January of this year.

SBI Holdings is not the first time demonstrates the interest in cryptocurrency and the blockchain. In 2016 SBI launched
the exchange of cryptocurrency, which was essentially the first of its kind to exchange cryptocurrency backed by a large financial group. In October last year, SBI Holdings outlined
in its financial report the plan to «create a new financial ecosystem based on cryptocurrency», which includes joint research to collect the «systematic knowledge» about the technology of the blockchain.

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