Kriptonyte of Belarus: «the OEM HYIP is not needed»

Despite the fact that on 28 March entered into force the decree of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko «On the development of the digital economy», allowing mine, trade and exchange cryptocurrency in the country still do not work a crypto currency exchange or cryptogenic.

«It was stated a large resonant event. Talking about this whole world. We included in the ratings. But in fact none of the provisions regarding legal entities in addition to mining not working. The law is there, but it is not executed», — said the Director of «Cryptocode» Alexander Losben, co-founder of the crypto currency exchange exrate.

According to him, from the point of view of the software part exchange ready to work, but since the procedure, requirements and conditions of work are not yet known, the exchange is considering the options of going to a different country.

«We are ready to fulfill all the requirements. We have found partners. We have a certain plan and certain financial ratios, which we must fulfil. But, given that commercial activity is impossible to conduct, respectively, and these plans cannot be performed. We sent a request to one of the first, and still no response. Now consider a variant Estonia, Hong Kong,» said Lobben.

According to him, Belarus is a great opportunity to attract more investment into the country and create jobs, as the cryptocurrency company can go to neighboring countries, where similar legislation is being developed in the sphere of cryptocurrency.

The representatives of the high technology Park (HTP) reported that despite the fact that they have developed their position on kryptomere and criptomeria, state agencies (the state control Committee, national Bank) are waiting for clarification of the rules of their work from the international organization FATF, involved in combating money laundering.

«We form a system in which protected all investors and the exchange, therefore, all the issues are worked out. In particular, we expect the position of the FATF, which itself is not yet finally decided on their recommendations for regulation of cryptocurrency and kryptomere. Once the environment is ready, we will let know about it. It is not a quick process, including from the point of view that everything must be done flawlessly».

According to one of the developers of IT-maternity leave, the senior partner of the law firm «Aleinikov & partners» Denis Aleinikov, Belarus hopes that the position of the FATF will be in a few months.

«The Park will be required to correlate its position on the issues of combating money laundering with the position, which will appear in FATF. Respectively, then there is reason to believe that regulations can be voiced, if nothing else will interfere», he said.

According Losana, the Commission FATF will arrive in Belarus in December 2018, so he assumes the absence of any clarity concerning the work of kryptomere and exchange before that time.

In turn Aleynikov strange hurry and excitement of the crypto operators.

«The interests of PVT in attracting people like Vitaly Buterin who are seriously engaged in technology. I find it difficult to assume that the OEM is interested to someone, taking advantage of the confusion in a situation is something quickly put together in these cryptocurrencies. These guys need the hype. HTP HYIP is not needed. He plays a long. There is calm and considered approach everything. All processes will be resolved,» he said.

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