Joke of the day: employee Qiwi «nominal 500 000 BTC in three months» at the company’s terminals

Today, the Runet spread the stunning news that one of the former employees of the payment system QIWI (in most publications it is named CTO — technical Director) in 2011, just three months using the company’s terminals allegedly «nominal 500 000 BTC», which at the average rate for that time $ 10 cost, respectively, $5 million, and now — more than $ 4 billion.

It said the General Director of QIWI Sergey Solonin today at a lecture at the Moscow school of communications MACS. Full version lectures presented in and later the resource appealed to the press service Qiwi for clarification. They reported that the mysterious technical Director was «normal developer», and obtained such an unsavory way bitcoins allegedly «irretrievably lost».

According to Solonin, security service companies are interested in increased load on the terminals and going with the traffic, even in places where usually manifested weak activity, and the investigation came to the above employee. At that time, the company had approximately 100,000 terminals, and it can be assumed that most of them or even all of them were involved in mining operations.

Sergey Solonin is expressed in extremely emotional:

What struck me most was the amount of it for three months nominal 500 thousand coins and it was worth $5 million And now is worth billions of dollars. But at that time, $5 million was a big amount, and I thought, «Holy shit topic! We don’t know how these stupid terminals a penny earned, and there is a gold mine!»

After that, in response to a requirement to transfer mined bitcoins of the company, as they were generated with the use of its equipment, the officer just brought the application on dismissal and left. Deprived of a source of the most valuable information about the organization of the distributed hashing it Department QIWI started to develop their own programmes, but at the time of its creation the difficulty of mining bitcoins has grown so much that the terminals in mining was already useless.

Six years later, General Director of Qiwi publicly expressed his regret:

Now think: probably I had with him as to agree, for $5 million to buy it all, because now it’s some kind of catastrophic money.

This known information is actually exhausted, leaving scope for interpretation.


In this news perfectly everything: the mysterious anonymous cyberslut, genius Russian hacker, extremely flexible employer and billions of dollars out of thin air. Sadly only that the speed with which such information is disseminated over the network, including specialized media and Federal news agencies, without any check for accuracy. After almost ten years after the emergence of bitcoin it is still surrounded by an aura of mystery around him spread the most incredible myths. Let’s try to understand the situation, based on available public information.

For example, after detection of illegal mining on the company’s equipment, an unnamed employee actually «slammed the door and left,» taking with him $ 5 million, and the company let him go in peace, without presenting any claims. This story looks fantastic, but in the end, this is an internal matter Qiwi. But further developments are already surprising. In 2011, mining was already popular in the Internet which is freely distributed program for mining with open source. Thus, the only thing you need to do is to adapt them to the metal terminals QIWI. The fact that this task could not solve the whole unit, although it had previously done, one person does not the best advertising technicians Qiwi, albeit six years later. But the most important inconsistencies are hidden in the technical side.

Indeed, in 2011 (more in the beginning than the end) 100’s of thousands of terminals with even very modest computing power, represented in the bitcoin mining much power. At the beginning of 2011 the complexity of the mining network of Bitcoin hovered around 16 million units, and at the end of the year 1.15 million units. Thus, during the year it increased by more than 70 times although this figure looks quite modest given the start in early 2011 boom of mining on graphics cards. If QIWI at the time really seriously decided to engage in mining — to produce power hashing equivalent to the entire terminal network, it was enough to purchase and run a few hundred cards, with what at the time was successful even individual miners.

And finally, most importantly — a completely disproportionate amount of bitcoins, attributed to the mysterious genius of mining. In 2011 the award for the block of bitcoins was 50 BTC, the average frequency of a block in 10 minutes gives 7 200 BTC per day. Thus, for 500 000 BTC it would take almost 70 days, that is almost 2.5 months, whereas according to the information of Sergey Solonin they were produced in three months. But even in this case it was necessary to have 100% of the network hash rate yet, while whole botnet of 100 thousand terminals could hardly provide more than a few percent (it is estimated that in mid-2011, worked for the network of power equivalent to thousands of top 5-7 at the time Radeon HD 5870 or 270 thousands of processors Core 2 Quad 6600, computing power which is not commensurate with the parameters of the equipment terminals).

In addition, even more doubtful statement of the press service QIWI that all «unjust mined» the bitcoins were permanently lost. If this anonymous miner refused to provide the company with information about their products, it can not be tracked. I. more importantly, the blockchain has gained such popularity precisely because it did not disappear without a trace. And such a huge amount as 500 000 BTC, that is almost a fifth of all produced in 2011 bitcoins, could not fail to attract attention, without moving for so long. Even to Satoshi Nakamoto, who has long mainil without any competition, is attributed to slightly more than 1.1 million bitcoins. Thus, the programmer of Qiwi now supposedly has (or is irretrievably lost?) almost half of the wealth of Satoshi.

The whole story seems too incredible to consider all the figures are reliable. It is possible that it was an error of one or two zeros, which themselves are known are worthless, but can radically change the look of all the above. But if today is the day of crazy assumptions… it is worth Recalling that in June 2011 there was a mysterious Russian-language bitcoin exchange BTC-e which is still the most incredible event.

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