Japanese Internet giant GMO launched an updated miner on 7 nm chips

Japanese Internet giant GMO company, has announced the launch of the updated model miner bitcoin based on 7nm ASIC chip. Pre-orders for the previous model completely sold out. The new model can achieve higher hash rate yet, and has «optimisation of power hashing». The device will be sold at the price of the previous model.

GMO announced the launch of a new model of 7nm-device for mining, the miner GMO B3. As well as its predecessor, GMO miner B2, the new model uses 7 nm ASIC chips GMO72b that support the hash algorithm SHA256, and is capable of mining BTC and BCH.

If the hashing power of the model B2 is 24TH/s, then B3 it reaches 33TH/s, explains the company:

«The main characteristic of the GMO miner B3 is the presence of a maximum power of hashing in the 33 TH/s, as well as the ability to customize the power up to the 33TH/s depending on the environment of mining and the General can see».

Model B2 1 consumes 950 watts per unit, or 81 watts per TH/s. Model B3 can operate on the same level but at maximum power 33TH/s will consume 3 417 W per device, that is 103 watts per TH/s is a rate substantially equal to the devices of competitors. It is obvious that the increase in hash rate yet achieved by designed by the manufacturer of the dispersal of the chips, not increase their number.

GMO as previously reported, prices for the device are set monthly. The price of miners B2 in June amounted to $1 999. Model B3 will be sold for the same price as a B2 with delivery in November. The manufacturer allows customers to B2 to produce a free upgrade to the B3 model, but only on request. Probably a large part of the differences between the models is the firmware and the strengthening of supply chains to support overclocking chips.

The device can be purchased for BTC, BCH and US dollars. All miners GMO have a guarantee of 180 days. Price includes 2 power supplies, but does not include cost of delivery.

Optimization of the efficiency of mining

The announcement of a new device GMO also said that the model B3 contains a new «feature by setting the optimal power and hashing power depending on the environment»:

«In the process of selling GMO miner B2 some customers asked about the possibility of power settings hash. Therefore, we have accelerated the planned development of «optimization power of hash», which can set the optimal hashing power and energy consumption, and integrated it into GMO miner B3″.

A new feature has two modes: automatic and manual. The first mode automatically adjusts the «power of the hash to 33TH/s in accordance with the cost of energy consumption, which varies depending on the environment, explains the company, is to increase the efficiency of mining».

GMO recalled that model B3 «compatible with all additional services integrated in the GMO miner miner B2». These include «Daisy chain connection up to 32 units, upgrade firmware online, and online-monitoring of device status».

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