Japanese GMO Internet announced the release of the first 7nm ASIC miner this year

Japanese IT giant GMO Internet plans before the end of 2018 to release the first device in the world for bitcoin mining based on 7 nm chips.

According to a statement made on Wednesday, June 6, the company will start mass production of the new miner B2, and its shipment from the factories will begin in late October. The production start became possible after many months of testing, the company announced
about the study and the development of a new ASIC processor in September 2017. Although it is known that the new chip will provide a higher level of hashing power with less energy, the firm has said it will provide accurate data on the cost and performance of B2 in June of this year.

The statement also notes that in addition to sales to third-party customers, GMO plans to use a new product on their existing sites for the extraction of crypto currencies.

As previously reported, the Japanese firm has made a significant leap in the development in the field of mining, having invested last year, $ 90 million to support research in this area, as well as developing their own chips for their own mining farms. The company’s efforts were crowned with success. At the end of last year the Corporation opened
unit mining in Europe, and in January of this year announced that work on mining in three months to $3.3 million.

In addition, according to the latest report GMO continues to increase
mining capacity in April of this year the company has doubled their hash rate and all the time produced at its facilities by more than 900 BTC and BCH 537. Although the cost of production remains unknown, the total value of mining rewards for this amount of cryptocurrency is produced almost $8 million.

Meanwhile, GMO is not the only large technology company, is planning to make your cake mining industry by the introduction of more advanced mining chips. In April, Samsung also announced
to start production of 10Nm ASIC chips for Mining Halong, which was a logical continuation of efforts to launch mass production of chips for mining, which was announced
in January of this year.

In addition, GMO announced
in October last year that it will sell its mining hardware bitcoin in 2018 through ICO. In connection with the last statement, a company representative said that the firm is still considering this idea, but can not disclose the details of the project, as it is still at an early stage.

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