Iran thinks about national cryptocurrency to bypass us sanctions

According to official news media Press TV, Iran plans to issue its own cryptocurrency, which will allow to avoid new economic sanctions of the administration of U.S. President Donald trump.

According to Dalire Alireza (Alireza Daliri), responsible for investment matters of the Department, the plan on development of «national» cryptocurrencies together with the Central Bank of Iran is now on the agenda of the Department of science and technology.

«We are trying to prepare the ground for the use of national digital currency in the country,» said Dalire.

New cryptocurrency should be licenzirovanie real – FIATA local currency. This should allow to carry out internal and external transactions to bypass us sanctions that come into force on 6 August 2018 and will limit Iran’s access to the U.S. dollar.

Daliri said that, according to the calculations of his Department, on the integration technology of the blockchain in the country’s Central Bank and the issuance of a cryptocurrency that will be able to introduce local commercial banks, will take about three months. Daliri strongly supports the idea of establishing a local digital currency:

«Our goal is to ensure the success of those who enter into this space, and in Contracting it.»

In April Daliri already talked about creating a «collaborative cryptocurrency», which will allow to carry out transactions between local and foreign companies.

It is worth noting that the first national crypto-currency was the Venezuelan Petro, also to be tied to the local Fiat system.

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