Investor Ian balina in Moscow: tokens of the future, the choice of the ICO and how to withdraw money

On 15 June in Moscow took place the presentation of the investor cryptocurrency and blockchain Evangelist Ian Balina. The event was CryptoBazar Fund.

Balin began his career at IBM, but then focused on their own projects. He currently heads the cryptocurrency investment Fund, which annually invests $10 million in tokens promising blockchain-related startups.

One of the first projects was Baliny ICO WaBi. The presale has received $200 000, and after reports of the investment Baliny – another $300 000 in two days. Then tokens WaBi went on sale to the stock exchange and have risen in price in eight times. The second tomenselo involving Baline became ICO Dragonchain. After the announcement of his investment, the project raised $5 million.

About these and other projects he Balin told the participants of the Moscow meeting, which was held at the Red October − in the hall Deworkacy.

Talking about investment experience, Balin acknowledged that currently, 90% of investments in ICO be unprofitable. The main cause is the wrong approach to the selection of projects, which should ideally be based on proper data analysis. For optimal results, Balin, together with his team developed the so-called «token-metric» − the list of questions and answers, allowing you to evaluate a particular project. Balin said that according to his experience, 90% of high-yield ICO was running projects with a ready-made product – even if only at the level of the MVP. This is the first and main criterion of success. In second place – the human factor, i.e. the project team. According to Belini, a significant advantage is the presence of a team of former employees of major IT companies (Google or Amazon), as well as developers who participated in the creation of a well-known blockchain projects.

Speaking of security — and utility-tokens, Balin suggested that in the future the tokens are equivalent to securities, will be of most interest. However, they need to create the appropriate infrastructure, which is not yet available. In addition, Balin told about the most efficient way of withdrawal from the project. According to him, when investment increased by 3-4 times, he displays the original amount. Thus, there remains investment capital that can be invested in other projects.

Balin praised the Russian market blockchain-projects, although acknowledged, has never invested in the Russian ICO.

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