Investment in products Grayscale demonstrate the growth of interest in bitcoin

Investment company Silbert Barry (Barry Silbert) Grayscale Investments has published a report on the income, refutes the assumption that low bitcoin price reduces the amount of investment into the cryptocurrency.

In its report titled Digital Asset Investment company Report greyscale said that for the first half of this year, since January, she observed the highest rate of capital growth in its history – $ 250 million.

The pace of investment, especially bitcoin, has increased significantly in the first and second quarters of this year, despite the fact that at this time the basic price of bitcoin has dropped by more than 50%. «As you know, the investment community, over the last six months the market of digital assets has experienced one of the largest decreases in rates since the advent of bitcoin in 2009,» the report says.

«However, even more interesting and ironic is the fact that the speed of attracting investment in the Grayscale products increased to an unprecedented level (…). Bitcoin continues to be the most popular position for investors Grayscale».

The company notes that 56% involved in the first half of the capital are funds of institutional investors. According to experts Grayscale, investors may see falling prices of bitcoin as new and exciting opportunity.

It is worth noting that even before the announcement of the results of the report Grayscale kept optimistic about the state of the cryptocurrency markets.

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