ING survey: interest in bitcoin in Europe could double

Every day on the cryptocurrency will know more and more people. According to the results of a new survey ING, interest in bitcoin among Europeans should soon increase, at least twice. The study, which was attended by citizens of several European countries and also the USA and Australia, find out people’s awareness of bitcoin and their expectations of the future. As a result, the authors received a very interesting and unexpected results.

The population of low-income countries knows about bitcoin more

The survey was conducted by the International Institute of sociological and marketing research Ipsos on the initiative of the Dutch banking conglomerate ING. Participants in the study were 15 000 people from 13 European countries and the United States and Australia. In the process, the authors sought to understand how people from different countries of the world spend, store, invest and relate to cryptocurrency and to answer the question, whether a digital currency to the mass appeal?

The survey was conducted from 26 March to 6 April and demonstrated a high level of awareness of bitcoin among residents of the Old world. Two-thirds of Europeans (66%) had heard of cryptocurrencies, and most of these are men (77%). In some countries with low incomes, for example, Turkey (70%), Romania (75%) and Poland (77%) have higher percentage of people who had heard of cryptocurrencies, than in Europe (66%). Australians (70%) are aware of bitcoin more than the Americans (57%).

An interesting revelation was the fact that young people aged 25-34 and 35-44 years are not necessarily know about cryptocurrency more than other age groups. For example, 60% of European citizens from 65 years and older said they heard about cryptocurrency. Tech-savvy Europeans (usually those who use mobile devices for online banks) know about the digital currency more (69%) than others (59%).

In most cases (11 out of 15 countries) as the main source of information about investments in cryptocurrency are specified Internet sites. Investors from three countries (Spain, Luxembourg and France) are more inclined to trust the recommendations of the experts of financial institutions and banks. In Italy are divided in half. The number of people relying on the opinion of family and friends relatively small.

Less than a third of European respondents said they would never invest in cryptocurrency. The biggest skeptics were the Austrians and people over 65. Only 14% of young respondents aged 18 to 34 years old do not want to invest in cryptowall.

A quarter of Europeans are going to buy cryptocurrency

The percentage of people owning digital currencies in Europe, is still relatively small – only 9% said that bought bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. Similar results show Australia (7%) and USA (8%). The worst results in Luxembourg (4%) and Belgium (5%), while Eastern European countries like Poland (11%) and Romania (12%) are among the leaders. The highest result was shown by Turkey (18%). In Europe a greater awareness about the digital currency demonstrate users of mobile banking (12%), men (13%) and young people aged 25 to 34 (16%).

The good news was the fact that one in four European respondents (25%) planning to purchase cryptocurrency in the future, which represents a 16% increase in the proportion of owners cryptovault. And again, the percentage of participants considering the purchase of the cryptocurrency among people who use smartphones for online banking. The probability of purchase of cryptocurrencies other Europeans is much lower. As for the other continents, to become owners of cryptocurrencies are about 15% of Australians and 21% of Americans.

Europeans are more optimistic than Australians and Americans

The authors tried to find out the opinion of respondents about the future of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in General. The Europeans in this respect are more optimistic than respondents from Australia and the USA. General data for 13 European countries show that 35% of respondents expect an increase in rates of cryptocurrencies in the coming 12 months. Just consider the 34% of Americans and 22% of Australians. The most optimistic again become the people of Turkey (51%), more pessimistic Luxembourg, where the future of cryptocurrency believe only 20% of the population.

35% and 32% respectively of Europeans say that bitcoin and aldaine is the future of financial investments. In Australia these figures are equal to 18% and 19%. Almost a third of Americans (31%) think that cryptocurrency will be used for Internet Commerce, while 29% consider it as the main investment tool of the future.

European respondents who know about bitcoin, own it or plan to purchase, also the question was asked whether they intend to use the digital currency for certain purchases or goals. Less than half (40 to 49%) do not want to change their habits in respect of daily payment transactions.

23% of the remaining participants said they would pay bitcoins for coffee, 21% are against bitcoin to pay taxes or bills for electricity, 26% like the idea of payment by cryptocurrency flights, and another 20% say that they would like to use the digital money for the education of children. In General, the researchers came to the conclusion that young people and the population of countries with low average income are more likely to consider the cryptocurrency as a payment option. Get paid in a digital currency agree 15% of Europeans.

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