In the index of the Unicorn for the first time, companies focused exclusively on crypto currencies

On Wednesday, the Shanghai research Institute of Haran released its index Q2 Unicorn, which included the names of several major companies for the production of bitcoin: Bitmain, Canaan Creative and Ebang. This index includes a list of 130 private companies worth more than one billion. The Institute publishes this list for the third time. Previously, it has not yet got the company fully focused on the cryptocurrency.

The highest position in the ranking took the company Bitmain located right on the 13th place with estimated cost of 70 billion yuan (about 10.4 billion U.S. dollars), near well known companies such as JD Logistics. Company Bitmain has recently completed a round of series B financing, which was estimated at $ 12 billion. There are suggestions that the company is preparing to apply for the IPO.

Company Canaan Creative and Ebang was estimated at approximately 3 and 1.5 billion dollars respectively and is available on 32 and 53 in the list Q2 Unicorn.

Canaan Creative and Ebang applied for the placement shares on the Hong Kong stock exchange. However, since the applications are only in the initial stage, it is not clear how much investment they wish to attract and what these companies yourself. According to one of the articles from Reuters, in the middle of 2017 Canaan Creative is estimated at $ 500 million.

Despite the fact that the index «unicorns» research Institute company Bitmain Haran, Canaan Creative and Ebang focused exclusively on crypto currencies, some firms on this list have already taken several serious steps in the direction of the blockchain industry.

For example, Ant Financial – payment company owned by Alibaba, heads the list with 149 billion. In June, the company announced that it has launched a payment on blockchain corridor between Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Another company, OneConnect – FINTECH-a division of the Chinese insurance giant PingAn, valued at 7.4 billion dollars, participated in the development of trade-financial blockchain-based platform for Management of monetary circulation of Hong Kong, which is scheduled to launch in September this year.

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