In Texas closed project Wind Wide Coin, posing celebrities for their clients

The Department of securities of the state of Texas ruled for the immediate cessation of activities cryptocurrency investment company Wind Wide Coin, which attracted investors non-existent relationships with celebrities.

To attract the attention of investors to their products, the Houston Wind Wide Coin he created a fake customer profiles with pictures of famous people. Under attack crooks got actress Jennifer aniston (Jennifer Aniston), Prince Charles and former Prime Minister of Finland Matti Vanhanen (Matti Vanhanen). The names of these fake profiles have also been invented. Jennifer aniston became «Kate, Jennifer,» and Prince Charles «mark Robert».

According to the Department, three of the organizers of the company Wind Wide Coin claimed to have the license to operate the securities, although this was not the case. The lack of documentation does not prevent them from disseminating false statements to mislead potential investors and to distribute unregistered securities in the form of token of the company.

The company assured its customers that its investment scheme brings a «100% guaranteed income, and losing money is impossible, because there is no risk».

The representative of Department Joseph Rotunda (Joseph Rotunda) stated that Wind Wide Coin «acted illegally, fraudulently and fraudulently offered investments» in Texas.

«The decision is a reminder that we follow the cryptocurrency market and try in the early stages to identify illegal and fraudulent investment schemes cryptocurrency,» said Rotunda.

The ruling said that the company Wind Wide Coin must immediately cease to conduct illegal activity, to sell unregistered securities and to commit fraud in Texas.

The state regulator of securities once again showed taxpayers that their actions and decisions aimed solely at protecting investors from fraudulent schemes.

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