In Georgia 5% of citizens own or operate a cryptocurrency

According to the world Bank report, Georgia approximately 5% of the citizens are somehow connected with cryptocurrencies have investments or participate in the life of the cryptocurrency community.

In the report «Cryptocurrency and the blockchain: an economic report to 2018 Europe and Central Asia region (ECA)» says that Georgia is one of the largest companies in mining cryptocurrencies. Obviously, we are talking about Bitfury, which has in Georgia data centers and cooperates with the government in the implementation of blockchain.

The Georgian division of Forbes explains that according to the report, approximately 5% of households in Georgia produce or invest in cryptocurrency.

According to world Bank chief economist Hans Timmer in Georgia widely developed mining cryptocurrency. This is facilitated by tax incentives and low electricity prices.

«Over time the government will be important to ensure financial oversight and consumer safety,» says Hans Timmer.

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