iExec and Intel create a blockchain solution to protect against unauthorized access

Cloud computing platform iExec announced a partnership with Intel to develop joint solutions that protect against unauthorized access.

During the new York conference Consensus 2018, the company demonstrated its product – a decentralized platform based on Intel SGX, which is able to process financial information and make predictions on its basis, while ensuring a high level of data privacy.

Intel SGX fully meets the security requirements of the decentralized platform iExec. iExec is the first company in the cloud and on the blockchain-industry, powered by the Intel SGX.

This cooperation has been formed within the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), in the state which includes iExec and Intel. The company formed a working group of the EEA to investigate the possibilities of working outside of the blockchain. The issue of privacy is one of the most important in the development of the ecosystem for this technology. Cooperation iExec and Intel is another step in implementation of blockchain Ethereum in the business.

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